The following is a general guide of events to take place the day of the wedding reception. As professional Disc Jockey's we have a library with thousands of popular songs. We will play background music while your guests arrive and wait for the arrival of the wedding party. This usually takes a little time as the photographer will be taking pictures before they leave the church. We will keep the music low and soft at this time so your guests can converse with friends and relatives.


When the wedding party arrives, we will play the entry music of your choice and make the introductions of the new Bride and Groom and the wedding party or have a reception line. Some time before the day of the event we will need a list of the wedding parties names and the order in which they will enter the room. This will be the Bride and Groom’s first public appearance so we want to make sure it is a memorable one.



Wedding Reception Events

During the meal we will play soft, easy to talk over music. The following is a list of events that usually takes place during the reception. They do not all have to take place, it is your choice as to which events we use and the order they will take place.


Bride And Grooms First Dance

Toast The Bride And Groom

Father And Daughter Dance

Mother And Son Dance

Bridal Party Dance

Honeymoon Dance (Dollar Dance)

Everyone Dances

Farewell Dance





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